Hand Painted Backdrop – Stella


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Looking After Your Hand-painted Backdrops!

Important: They are just like real paintings. Do not wash them!

Please note as they are all hand painted so they do vary slightly on the patterns. Also when the drop is new, because of the paint there will be a thin layer of paint dust. We recommend you take them outside use a dry / damp cloth to wipe off any residue. The paint itself will not come off.

Do not leave them in the plastic packaging especially if it is humid in your location. We also recommend you air them on occasion especially during rainy seasons or in humid climate.

To get rid of wrinkles hang your backdrop and spray with a fine mist of warm water (do not overdo it to the point that water drips down) ideally on the back non-painted side. You can also use a steamer / steam iron on the back non-painted side of the backdrop. Let dry completely before you store it.