Printed backdrop on premium fabric. Machine washable and wrinkle resistant.

Production time: 2 weeks

Photo credit: Hazal Memories

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Coastal Calm Backdrop: A Serene Touch

Introducing our “Coastal Calm Photography Backdrop,” a mesmerizing blend of blue and white hues that captures the essence of a tranquil shoreline. This backdrop, with its abstract composition, evokes feelings of serenity and peace, making it perfect for portrait photography or any setting that requires a touch of nature’s calm. The intricate details of brushstrokes and textures add depth and dimension, ensuring your photos stand out.

  • Predominantly blue and white color palette.
  • Abstract composition of shapes and colors.
  • Intricate details showcasing brushstrokes and textures.
  • Perfect for portrait photography or serene settings.

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4.3 feet x 5.7 feet (1.3 meters X 1.7 meters), 5.2 feet x 8.5 feet (1.6 meters x 2.6 meters), 8.5 feet x 8.5 feet (2.6 meters X 2.6 meters), 9 feet x 15 feet (2.7 meters X 4.6 meters), 8 feet x 12 feet (2.45 meters X 3.65 meters)